Tax Planning

Tax legislation is complex and constantly changing – especially for those with the highest levels of wealth and income. We work with tax planning specialists, which are part of the Knox group of companies. Their ability to keep appraised of changes in the taxation industry and using their comprehensive knowledge, the Tax Planning specialists are able to turn change into opportunities and solutions for those wanting to address their tax position.

For prospective clients and entrepreneurs arriving and making the United Kingdom their home, our tax planning specialists will be able to offer advice of the tax consequences for non domiciles and the most appropriate way to structure assets and holdings. For individuals engaged in the film, sports and entertainment industries our tax specialists have considerable experience of offering comprehensive guidance and advice to those who are working with dynamic arrangements.

Our clients rely on these experienced teams to not just be technically current, but to be progressive and proactive in the ways they can approach the planning and preservation of their wealth. Services available address a myriad of transactional requirements and include, but are not limited to:

Residency & Domicile solutions from Knox Private Office

Residency & Domicile

A comprehensive review of the residence and domicile position of clients, with a view to optimising the UK tax position (capital gains tax, income tax and inheritance tax) and exploiting any benefits the review discovers. Implementation of various solutions designed to retain wealth and control over the assets for the long-term.

Corporate & Business

Advice provided to business owners on the best approach to either establish new ventures, or restructure existing businesses, in order to maximise value and optimise the UK tax position (capital gains tax, corporation tax and income tax upon extraction of profits). Advice is offered that will assist owners at each stage of the business life cycle including advice for those looking for an exit that will maximise the value of the sale whilst fully exploiting all tax reliefs available.

Inheritance Tax & Succession

Our team of tax planning specialists work with clients on their exposure to inheritance tax, including the interaction of the new rules for non-domiciled UK resident clients. They will undertake the implementation of various solutions, depending on the client’s overarching long-term aims, all of which seek to protect family wealth and efficiently pass it to the next generation.

Real Estate

An area where our tax planning specialists have significant experience is advising clients on the most efficient structures to buy, hold and sell high value UK real estate and the associated tax consequences. They can also provide advice to real estate investors on restructuring real estate portfolios in order to reduce or eliminate the impact of the significant tax changes being introduced. Restructuring allows for further tax efficiencies around inheritance tax and capital gains tax to be considered.

Yachting and Aviation

Advice is offered to clients on creating tailored ownership structures for both commercial and private yacht and aircraft ownership. The structures are tax efficient and seek to protect the asset in a variety of global jurisdictions, whilst maintaining maximum operational efficiencies for owners and crew. Our tax planning specialists have considerable experience and industry connections to extend their services to advising on acquisition and sale of assets.


Film, Music, Entertainment & Sports

We offer a discrete service for clients working in film, entertainment, music and sports industries that have complex and dynamic arrangements due to their busy work schedules and international travel commitments. Our services are wide ranging and include:

  • Contract structuring for all jurisdictions
  • Business management
  • Music royalties
  • Protecting Intellectual Property and Photographic Rights

Other Tax Planning Areas

  • Advice can be offered to clients on selling assets with considerable chargeable gains in a tax efficient manner.
  • Advice to entrepreneurs and business owners on the use of the Enterprise Investment Scheme and Research and Development Tax Credits Scheme to raise, and maximise, investment into innovative businesses.
  • Advice to clients on the tax benefits associated with the wide spectrum of tax-incentivised investment opportunities available.


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