Svetlana Cameron solo exhibition event hosted by Knox Pivate Office

Svetlana Cameron’s solo exhibition commences with successful private viewing hosted by Knox Private Office

October 19, 2016


Svetlana Cameron’s solo exhibition of classical portraits started with a private viewing hosted by Knox Private Office at the Russian Cultural Centre on 13 October 2016.

Over 120 guests including politicians, diplomats and family offices were invited to attend the prestigious evening which took place at 37 Kensington High Street, London. Guests were treated to the first viewing of the exhibition showcasing 30 of the “Living Master’s” portraits as borrowed from numerous public and private exhibitions.

The team from Knox Private Office would like to relay our thanks to all who contributed in making the evening a great success, and specifically to Svetlana Cameron for allowing us to be part of such an extraordinary exhibition.

The exhibition is open to the public and continues to run until the 31st of October 2016.



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