Investment Consulting

Our investment consulting offering provides an unbiased independent Investment Consulting service to private individuals, their families and family offices. We also work with Trust companies to provide an investment audit of trust assets and investment oversight of trustees’ larger portfolios, to ensure that they meet the trust objectives.

Our investment consulting and trust investment audit service is available on a standalone consulting basis or can be used as part of a wider service encompassing our investment monitoring and reporting.

Clients seldom come to us with a pure cash position. We will therefore carry out a review of existing managers and asset allocation and compare their suitability against current and future objectives on a pragmatic and independent basis. We work with many investment managers and the right manager is often based on a number of factors, such as delivering on investment objectives and personality fit.

We will typically work closely with our clients’ other advisors to provide a holistic solution to managing all aspects of their investment, tax and jurisdictional planning.

To provide a comprehensive investment consulting service our work will include some or all of the areas below:

  • Assist clients to understand and quantify their own attitude and tolerance to investment risk and define their asset pools, to achieve different objectives within a wider portfolio
  • Advise clients on asset classes, asset allocation and investment risk. We cover a wide range of asset classes from the traditional to alternatives and derivatives
  • Encapsulate clients investment requirements into an investment policy statement, which will form the basis of our client’s long, medium and short-term investment objectives
  • Deconstruct the headline investment objectives into sub mandates and write investment policy statements which will form part of a client’s contracts with their underlying investment managers
  • Where clients have existing investments or managers, carry out a review of their holdings and make recommendations as to what should be retained, sold or re-aligned
  • Interview investment managers on our clients behalf and arrange beauty parades of investment managers to manage clients assets
  • Working with a client’s other advisors, advise on the wider investment contract terms of the investment management agreement (including common practice and benchmarking, etc.) and work with clients to finalise the investment agreements
  • Our Investment Consultant will have no direct contractual relationship with the underlying investment managers. Our clients will contract with the managers directly and provide our Investment Consultant with a mandate to receive information from the various managers
  • Manage the investment and wealth managers on our clients’ behalf
  • Build a data set from a client’s investment reporting to analyse and advise on the risk-adjusted performance of each manager against the sub mandate and report back to the client on a sub mandate and consolidated portfolio basis against their headline objectives and benchmark
  • Review a client’s Investment Policy Statement(s) and benchmarks to ensure they remain relevant against the clients’ evolving objectives and market conditions

Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients based on the principles of independent unbiased advice, flexibility and service.


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