Family Business Consulting

Building on our family governance offering, we work closely with successful entrepreneurs and their advisers to provide them with practical and robust guidance in meeting their end objectives for their family business enterprises.

Family business systems are complex structures that remain in homeostasis until a ‘trigger’ brings about the need for change and the members become disengaged with the ‘status quo’. Whilst throughout their journeys, families look to adapt by using various DIY methods to uphold balance in the system, with generational expansion, age developments and business changes, there comes a point where more formal advice is needed.
Our team of specially trained advisers can help provide practical ideas and information that will help the family decide on how to continue and improve a successful business.

Our Services

The owners of a family business have a number of decisions to make at any given time. We can work with them, and the family, to design an individual consultancy package that helps them manage responsibilities and facilitate decision-making during challenging times.

We understand that each company and family are unique. this is why we adapt our services to specific needs, whilst working together with the client, and their existing advisers, to help identify the risks and opportunities to their family and business.

We ask pertinent questions and listen carefully to what the family have to say whilst constructively challenging them where needed:

  • Why do you want to be in business with your family?
  • What roles will family members have in the future?
  • How should you organise the family and the business to achieve your shared objectives?

The answers are integrated into a bespoke solution that will help the owner organize their family and business in the best possible way.

We continue to support the family throughout and after the process is complete.

Through a number of successfully completed and ongoing projects, we have acquired an understanding of a wide variety of situations that can develop within entrepreneurial families, including recognizing predictable conflict in its infancy and suggesting possible resolution alternatives.

Our goal is to promote harmony, unity and transparency among owners and help them better understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to the family business system.

We can also provide the tools needed by family, such as contingency planning, an outsourced wealth planning and management function and much more.


Trusted Advisers. Collective Expertise. Bespoke Solutions.