Brexit - Deal of no deal?

Deal or no deal?

April 2, 2019

The effects of populism and a rise in anti-establishment sentiment are widely seen across Europe and now more than ever in the UK, with predictions for a next election that will align Labour and the Conservatives very closely in the political race.

A momentum Labour Party is now arguably a real socialist party, as opposed to the socialist-democratic parties of Blair or Brown. An unprecedented third defeat of Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement is plunging the country further into political uncertainty.

With an utterly divided parliament (further heightened by last night’s vote and today’s cabinet meeting), and no consensus on the future of Brexit, the prospects of a 2019 general election have become a real possibility, and May could well be the month for it.

Working closely with the political consultancy team at Knox Private Office, Professor Matthew Goodwin, who successfully forecast both the Brexit and Trump outcomes, is able to offer either a conference call or a presentation of all the key data points, including latest polling, outcome forecasts, public opinion and implications, as well as providing insights and guidance into how recent events may impact HNWIs and their businesses.

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