Concierge Services

The longevity of working with discerning clients and the breadth and depth of our in-house resources, has provided us with the opportunity to build up an international network of contacts, This, together with our experience of knowing how to work to exacting requirements, enables Knox Private Office to offer a wide and varied range of concierge services to support our clients.

The Knox Private Office team can work with clients on either a retained or one-off basis, helping to resolve the day to day or the more unusual one-off issues that may arise using our contacts discreetly and effectively. Our Teamwork with individuals based overseas with UK interests, individuals moving to the UK and those already in the UK assisting in all aspects of their work and personal life. A client’s problem is a challenge for us to resolve. The aim of our Concierge Service is to make life a little easier and even more enjoyable.


Trusted Adviser. Collective Expertise. Bespoke Solutions.