Private Office Services

All the Private Office services we offer to clients have been developed to meet the complex and sophisticated needs that individuals who have amassed significant wealth and specialist investments encounter. Each Private Office service has been designed through the collective experience of the Knox group of companies, which in turn has been gained from working first hand with ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

Wealth Protection

There is a fundamental need to protect what we have worked hard for to achieve, for both personal enjoyment and the prosperity of future generations. From ensuring the longevity of a successful business, managing prized assets and legacies to preserving wealth for future generations, we consider that the client’s peace of mind and their future intentions are essential to our understanding and advice. With proven experience and specialist insight, we consider the numerous aspects of safeguarding and protecting the client’s wealth to ensure that their future vision is supported.

Wealth Management

We strongly believe wealth should be enjoyed. By working closely with the client and their existing advisers, we aim to give peace of mind that the clients’ wealth is being looked after and monitored, allowing clients to enjoy the benefits it can bring.

Asset Management

Ensuring that prized assets and possessions are managed to the highest standard is an area that we take considerable pride in offering to our clients. From advice on efficient asset holding structures to day to day management, we have all aspects covered to ensure that clients receive the greatest value from their asset holding.

Family Office

Our family office services encompass the day to day administration surrounding the client’s personal affairs and those of other family members. The services available through the family office centralise control of a diverse range of needs from wealth management and estate planning, through to international relocation, succession planning and family governance. Our services include administering the family’s assets, liaising on legal affairs and educational matters and managing the family’s tax affairs via specialist advisers. We will also assist with providing a robust infrastructure to support the family where a key family member, or trusted adviser, is incapacitated for a prolonged period of time.

A particular situation may require more than one service to achieve the desired resolution. Acting as the conduit, Knox Private Office will coordinate and deliver the necessary activities into a single, seamless solution.


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