Family Office

A professionally run Family Office can help to protect and grow a family’s wealth and preserve the legacy for future generations.

Our family office services encompass the day to day administration surrounding the client’s personal affairs and those of other family members. The services available through the family office centralise control for a diverse range of needs from wealth management, estate planning through to international relocation, succession planning and family governance.

The family office will provide a single interface between the family and all its affairs and can also contribute to providing a robust infrastructure to support the family where a key family member or trusted adviser cannot assist for a prolonged period of time.

The activities will encompass supervising and managing the family’s assets including yachts, aircraft, cars, real estate, watches and art collections. They will also oversee arrangements relating to financial and property investments, liaise with legal and educational advisers, manage tax compliance and identify and assist the client to achieve their family’s objectives in a professional and effective manner. In all matters, the family office will ensure that the family’s financial, personal and philanthropic objectives are actioned within strict protocols, reflecting the needs, aspirations and concerns of family members. Our ultimate goal is to assist the client in achieving the family’s objectives, coordinated in a professional and effective manner.

By utilising the family office service, clients can reduce mental hassle and gain back time that otherwise would have been spent managing a myriad of arrangements – time better spent with their family and friends enjoying the fruits of their success.

Family Office Services

  • Assistance with setting up a Family Office (for those clients who wish to set up their own structure)
  • Coordinating a diverse number of projects by acting as proxy for the family
  • Family Office audit offering a review of current structures, investment policy and providing recommendations to improve services to the family
  • Advice on wealth protection and succession planning
  • Family Consulting and Family Governance (including assistance with educating the next generation)
  • Management of assets including yachts, aircraft, art collections and other personal property and real estate
  • Oversight of financial management, control and holistic reporting
  • Investment consulting and monitoring including investment reviews and benchmarking
  • Tax advice on wealth structuring across jurisdictions and asset classes
  • Real estate sourcing and structuring
  • Concierge Service – advisory on art, collectables, relocation and property, as well as sourcing educational consultants
  • Project manage whilst working collaboratively with a client’s existing advisers
  • Coordinating insurance requirements


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