Family Office

A professionally run Family Office can help to protect and grow a family’s wealth and preserve the legacy for future generations. As part of the Knox group of companies, our regulated corporate service provider can offer a Family Office that is committed to understanding the client’s unique situation and specific needs.

Working with the client, the family office will assist with the family’s goals, objectives and financial situation, addressing and managing the client’s personal affairs across a broad spectrum of requirements.

They will provide a single interface between the family and all its affairs. Their activities will encompass supervising and managing the family’s assets including yachts, aircraft, cars, real estate, watches and art collections. They will also oversee arrangements relating to financial and property investments, liaise on legal affairs, manage tax compliance and identify and assist the client to achieve their family’s objectives in a professional and effective manner. In all matters, the family office will ensure that the family’s financial, personal and philanthropic objectives are actioned within strict protocols, reflecting the needs, aspirations and concerns of family members.

Clients will find the location of the family office highly attractive as the Isle of Man is a well-regulated international business centre and wealth management hub. Furthermore it offers an attractive tax regime as there is no capital gains tax nor inheritance tax. In addition, family offices administered in the Isle of Man can take advantage of its extensive network of comprehensive double tax treaties or agreements.

Family Office Services

  • Management of assets including yachts, aircraft, art collections and other personal property and real estate
  • Oversight of financial management, control and holistic reporting
  • Investment monitoring including investment reviews and benchmarking
  • Coordinating insurance requirements
  • Implementing strategic tax planning across jurisdictions and asset classes
  • Family Governance


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